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Class 1 Notes

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Preliminary Class Business





1. Course Concept



Digital humanities as "register" of changing methods of humanities, arts, and social science knowledge.


Digital humanities as professional field




2. Course Structure


  • Topics (see Schedule)
  • Structure of readings/tasks for each class:
    • Focal Readings
    • Other Readings
    • Practicums
  • Modus operandi of class discussions
    • Discussion of practicums
    • Discussion of higher issues
  • Course assignments (see Assignments)
    • Practicums
    • Follow DH community on Twitter
    • Blog posts on your field in its relation to DH
    • Mock Project Prospectus (in form of a hypothetical grant proposal)
    • [Auditors]
  • DH Toychest
  • Student Work site
  • DH Events & CFPs




3. Class Member Introductions






4. Discussion


Class 1 (Jan. 10) — Digital Humanities, the Humanities, and the "Human"

          [Students are asked to do the readings for this class in advance of the course's first meeting]




  • "Digital"
    • English Dept. graduate MA exam reading list in Literature and Theory of Technology
      • Technology
      • Media
      • Information


  • "Human" ("Humanities")





5. Preview of Next Class




"'Wild Surmise': How Humanists & Artists Discovered the Internet at UCSB, c.1994" (Alan Liu, Friday Jan. 13, 10-11 a.m., Library 1312)



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