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Class 2 Notes

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Preliminary Class Business




1. Doing DH in This Course: Practical First Steps


  • Introduction to working on the Student Work site for this course

    • Wiki membership (example of invitation to join "workspace")

    • The nature of a wiki and "Editor" level user permissions (PBWorks permission levels)
    • Basic editing, linking, and uploading procedures:

      • Go to the Student Work branch of the course site.
      • Log in

      • Edit an existing page
        • GUI vs. source-code view
        • adding a link
        • adding an image
        • uploading content (images, docs, pdfs, etc.)
      • Create a new page
        • Through the Pages & Files menu
        • By creating a link to still to be created page
        • Putting a page in a folder
      • Wiki editing help available in sidebar of site
    • "Page history" (versioning) feature







Materials for Discussion Today

      Materials from Class 1:


      Materials from Class 2 (selected):



2. Discussion (part 1)





3. Discussion (part 2)


  • What is the shape of the field?
  • What are defining issues in the field?
  • What is the historical/future trajectory of the field?
  • What is the relation of DH to the humanities?
  • Class 2 diagram-b.pptx  




4. Preview of next class (Class 3)






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