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Class 5 Notes

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Preliminary Class Business


  • Preview of readings and practicum for Class 6
    • Fusion Tables (example)
    • Gephi
    • For access to the Transcriptions Center this room) to use Gephi on the workstations, see office hours on the Transcriptions site.
  • Working individually or in a team for the mock project prospectus assignment?
  • Writing your blog posts:



1. Examples of Topic Models




2. What Is a Topic Model?


Materials for Discussion Today



  • Other Readings:  Word Embedding/Vectors (Read for conceptual comprehension in the following sources. You do not need to follow the math or programming details.)


  • The standard Alan Liu explanation of topic modeling -- how to improve it?
    • The genre of explanations of topic modeling: e.g., Chen, Jockers, Rhody.
    • (50-topic model of Blei2012, Chen2011, jockers2011, rhody2012, schmidt2012, underwood2012: sorted topics: keys-sorted.xlsx )



3. What's a Topic?



What's a topic?







4. So What?





5. Topic-modeling practicums (continued)


Text encoding vs. text analysis.



Preview of Next Class







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